Nippers is a beach education program that introduces children aged 5 to 13 years to lifesaving. Click here to view the DOB Age group table.
Nipper Education Programs are delivered at the Mordialloc Life Saving club throughout summer. The program is for children to participate in safe, fun, all-inclusive organised activities in a beach environment, preparing them to be future lifesavers.

The Nipper Education Program caters for all manner of experience and skill levels of participants. The emphasis is focused on fun and education, regardless of development stages to ensure experiences are positive and affirmative. It is important to recognise that young people have varying learning abilities that need to be catered for throughout all programs.
Activities have been designed to progressively develop the essential skills of Nippers as they move through each age group. The lessons are presented in an easy-to-follow manner to ensure they can be delivered by all Age Managers regardless of experience.

The Mordialloc Nipper program is not just about the children, it also encompasses “Nipper Parents” who are strongly encouraged to get involved with either teaching beach activities to the kids or who want to achieve their own milestones like completing their Age Managers, Water safety, Technical Officials Award or Bronze Medallion. 

Surf Education Awards

Many activities that nippers undergo are conducted in the water. To ensure that all nippers have a suitable swimming ability to allow them to participate in these activities, Surf Life Saving Australia has developed a Junior Preliminary Skills Assessment for each age group. This is done in the pool or ocean and can be signed off by your child’s swimming teacher prior to nippers starting. Every nipper must participate in this evaluation, prior to participating in any water activity. If the nipper shows successful demonstration of the Preliminary Skills Assessment a second assessment known as the Competition Skills Evaluation needs to be completed. Competition Skills Evaluations will take place during the first few weeks of the start of the season weather providing. If the weather is inclement, we will advise on other dates for the skills testing. These are two different assessments, and one cannot be used to qualify a child for the other requirement. Your child’s pathway through the nipper’s program is summarised here. Click here to view the Evaluation skills table

Parental Involvement

As a voluntary organisation we need help from you, (parents and guardians), to be able to make our Nipper program an enjoyable experience for all our Nippers. Parents and Care Givers are invited and encouraged to share the experiences of junior activities with their children. We have an expectation that parents will take up a role within the nipper program.

Our program cannot run without parents stepping up to become Age Managers and Water safety officers. In addition, our nippers cannot compete at carnivals unless we have the required amount of Club Officials on the beach.

For both Age Managers and Officials – full training is provided, and no experience is necessary. It is a great way to be actively involved in your children’s sport.

– Club Officials –

This is an opportunity to assist with the running of events at Nipper Carnivals and is a great way to get involved and help the kids enjoy competition. The club will provide training to get you started.

We appreciate your support in these roles, as it ensures we can continue running a safe, fun and enjoyable program for the kids.

To get involved please contact:

All parents are expected to help when their child’s age group is rostered on for duties. Duties may include, activity beach set up, pack up and most importantly cooking the BBQ to feed all our hungry nippers after a session.

Parents must hold a voluntary Working with Children’s Check.  If you currently hold a Check, you will need to provide details when registering your nipper.
Your approved WWCC details will then be linked to your membership.

Nipper Competitions

Competition carnivals are a huge part of Surf Life Saving. Not only does the competition of sports keep everyone fit, active and at the top of their game, but it brings life savers together generating a strong community atmosphere. Carnivals are held at all levels for all disciplines, for all ages. Our Nipper’s are invited to participate in intra-club carnivals as well as local, LSV and SLSA carnivals.

Club Training

A benefit of your membership is access to training and the Club facilities throughout the year. The overall structure of the program is developed to cater for all Surf Sports competitors within our club from age 6 (Nippers) through to Masters.

Training Goals:

Nipper Training Information –

Those attending board training need to be surf competent swimmers
You MUST sign on for training, No Sign, No Train. Coaches will send out information on Team App, which will also cover COVID-19 tracing.

You MUST wear pink rashie

Parents are asked to support our training program, by being available to help with Water Safety if required. We are required to have a specified number of Water safety Officers in the water to enable training to proceed. Click here for water safety course info.