Partner with Us

Partner with Us

As a self-funded, organisation, Mordialloc Life Saving Club relies on Sponsorship to continue their service to the local community by providing safe beaches and prevent aquatic deaths and injuries. As a sponsor of the Mordialloc Life Saving Club, you will be contributing to this vital service, as well as taking advantage of the many opportunities to promote your business, both locally and at a state and national level during competition seasons.

As a non-profit organisation, sponsorship is a big part of our income. Income generated through sponsorship helps us to develop and train our club members into becoming not only better lifesavers, but to also being active contributing members to our community.
Lifesaving in Victoria is continuing to grow in popularity as a sport for all ages and is all inclusive of all genders.
The Mordialloc Life Saving club is one of Victoria’s fastest growing clubs, increasing its competitor and membership numbers each year. Our club has a proud history for being respectful, passionate and all inclusive.

Sponsoring the Mordialloc Life Saving Club can provide unique opportunities for businesses and help them develop in ways that general advertising does not. For example, it may allow the sponsor to show off their capabilities or products in a way the audience may otherwise not get to see. Sponsoring sports clubs can increase brand awareness and grow loyalty towards your brand.
Sponsoring the Mordialloc Life Saving Club can help you grow community support and a positive perception for your business in the local and surrounding suburbs.

Any sponsorship money that is donated is viewed as a charitable gift and is tax- deductable.

Sponsorship Packages

Our Sponsorship Program outlines our levels of Sponsorship, and why they may suit your business. If you would like to become one of our ‘exclusive level’ sponsors or know of someone that may be interested, please contact our Director of Sponsorship to further discuss opportunities available.


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